So I’m writing my first ever online blog post for KDE.

Hello KDE!!

I’m Michael, a students taking part in this year’s GSoC. I am working on improving the “palette” docker for Krita.

Finally I’ve got something that’s almost a blog set up. Hopefully it’s set up. This post is a test.

Krita is the first open source project I have contributed to, so I don’t really know the ecosystem of the open source world. When I heard that should be posting blogs on Planet KDE, I thought it would be like posting on some online forum. Sign up, log in, and post. I later realized it’s not that simple…

All right. I am going to do some web stuff some day. I can make today that day. As a result, I now have a super ugly Github Pages blog. But it will become prettier one day.

Back to my GSoC project. You can find the descriptions here.

The palette docker is used by the painters to manage their colors. As a user of Krita myself, I think there are several functionalities that can be added to it so that the color management is easier for the painters.

Currently, I can add a color to a palette, but only to a position I cannot control. If I turn back after working on some other portions of a picture and adding some more colors, it’ll be kind of hard to find where the original color is. Therefore, I want to enable users to decide what to place a color.

Another improvement I want to make is to associate a .kra file with one or several palettes, so that an artist can easily ensure that the colors are consistent every if she needs to close and open some work several times.

I also want to bring a better UI design to this docker. Currently, I don’t really feel welcome when using it. Though I already use the docker pretty often, sometimes I still forget what to expect after pressing a button. Especially when creating a new palette.

These are everything I want to talk about in my first post. The coding starts today. Wish me luck!